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Stress Management

Stress doesn’t have to overwhelm you. It doesn’t have to control your life. Find your focused, productive self and watch what happens.

Weight Management

Yes, You can live in a body you love-with energy to burn! Get the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle….for life!

Mind and Spirit

Get leverage on yourself with the mind-body-spirit connection and become more effective at work, home and play!

Health and Happiness

Free Yourself and find your Truly Happy Self! “The past doesn’t equal the future”. Anthony Robbins.

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My mission is to facilitate transformation and healing for overworked and stressed out professional women.
I help them reduce stress-related habits like overeating, smoking – any energy-sucking bad habit
so that they can look and feel great, have lots more energy and be more productive at work, home and play.
Stress costs you in more ways than one. One truth you must accept now? The “in-box” of life – the continual To Do List – never ends! That’s okay though! With Stress-onomics Life Coaching you’ll learn simple internal and external measures you easily integrate into your daily life and work.
Before you know it you’ll be a pro practical ways to control, manage and balance work and life, be more organized, amp up your energy and become a happier, far more productive YOU!
Take good care of what really matters most and happiness, fulfillment and success will be far more than you thought possible.
Your lasting weight management requires a holistic approach – Change from the Inside-Out.
You may think your schedule is too crazy, your job too stressful and your home and social life are unsupportive, but I guarantee you that you can do this and you can master a healthy lifestyle for life!
It’s okay if you don’t believe me. I know how many things you’ve probably tried. So you can lean on my knowledge and belief in you until you see it for yourself!
What you must do is to believe that your health and well-being deserve your own time and commitment – that you deserve it! And don’t use the excuse that you’re too busy taking care of everyone else’s needs! Remember what they say in airplanes: “put the oxygen mask on yourself first”
You only get one body. If it goes wrong where will you live?

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As I review my progress it’s only fitting that I say not just thank you for all you’ve helped me accomplish but God bless you for …well for being you!
A.S., Québec
Dr. Chris is gentle, direct, knowledgeable and passionate about making a difference in the lives she touches. I and my life were worth investing in and everyone around me enjoys the return on my investment. Thanks Dr. Chris! (I will absolutely refer you to friends, client and family. This goes without saying!)
Julie W. Las Vegas, NV
“I gladly recommend that anyone honestly ready to live her or his life at higher levels give you a call. I know you will provide as much value to them as you have for me because I have seen the transformation within 8 weeks of my wife adding you to her team to work together on a different set of issues.”
Mark M. (Executive)
“Dear Dr. Chris, I want other people to know how you went above & beyond my expectations of what a coach would offer. You were razor sharp and laser focused in pinpointing key points that I needed to focus on to get better, bigger results in my business and in my life. Your intuitive understanding of my challenges and concerns, as well as my strengths and value have made a huge difference to me, especially in the way you were able to determine what concepts and tools I needed to be more effective and to feel better about myself. Thank You so much!”
M.J. Sarasota, FL
“Dear Dr. Chris: After working with you for the last 3 months, I am amazed and ever so pleased with my ongoing results. I do admit I was guilty of being skeptical of the whole “Life Coach” idea. Some of my friends have Coaches and I have seen some amazing growth individually & within their businesses. So, being frustrated at where I was, (and where I was going??) I was intrigued by this concept and decided to give it a try. You have taught me how to become focused, and to demand, & get, more out of myself. I have set realistic goals and am achieving them. My drive & passions are on an upward trend, which effects all around me – personal & business. (I am happy!). I could go on about all the progress I have been achieving, but you know where I started and where I am now. I just wanted to thank you personally for helping me get there.”
S.C., Sarasota, FL
“I began tracking and making appropriate changes to what I was taking on as my responsibility and realized that I had to delegate some things permanently. My life had felt so insane. Thank you for this class. I really feel much more freed up!”
Melva J., Ph.D., Author and president, private company, private company